Photo Match is driving me nuts! Please HELP!

Hey guys,

i was trying to photomatch a warehouse interior. I was getting a waaaaaay off perspective and massively distorted FOV… I am trying this for hours now, f*cked up as I have to move on in the project, time is ticking…

I decided to get another photo of another warehouse. Same thing.

So i tried to purify the essence of what i am trying to do using the situation in this photo!

as you can see, things go terribly wrong. either i am just too stupid to get things right or this is a bug.
can someone please help!! the client is about to kill me.

Well, if that image of the grids represents your photo, it’s you. Read the help files for Match Photo. Specifically, Choosing photos that work with Match Photo. In order for it to work, you need two vanishing points and an un-manipulated image. One vanishing point just won’t cut it.

Thanks for the swift reply. So it is not possible to match a one-point-perspective?

Not using Match Photo. You might be able to fake it but it isn’t going to work correctly.

Thanks a lot, you saved me a lot of more hours spending in this program.

Maybe you just need to make a different photo.

The problem is, i dont have any access to a warehouse that fits. just using photos from google. :frowning:

I see. Well, I suppose you could draw a warehouse using the photo as a reference–not to trace, just to look at. Or maybe you can Google up another warehouse that would be close.

I generally do the former for things like that because it’s more work to find a photo that meets the requirements than it is to just get busy and draw it.