Matching Photo Seems Broken

I am using the camera match function and when I set the axes, I get this weird skewed perspective, nothing near my original image. Please see the attached image and let me know if it is user error (and how to fix), or if its some bug and needs to be addressed from sketchup side. Please advise. Thank you all!Broken%20Camera%20Matching

Most likely it’s because of the image you are using. Can you upload the original image and let us have a go at it?

The image you use for PhotoMatch needs to come directly from a camera with no cropping or other adjustments. This one looks weird - if it is a real photograph it might have been either heavily perspective corrected in Photoshop or shot with a perspective correction lens or a field camera with shift/tilt adjustments. What is the large white area to the left and under the image? Is the image a real photograph or a very well done render? Is the building itself deceiving you? It looks like it might not be quite rectangular so your axis directions might be deceiving you.

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