Matched Photo problems - search for help

Hope someone wants to help me.

My axes are on the right place but the window will not match with the model.

What am I doing wrong?

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Old building?
Some times their corners aren’t exactly 90 degrees.

Also - small adjustments in the handles can have significant impact.

Then there is the issue if the photo has been cropped - in which case the perspective doesn’t match. Maybe it was tilt-shifted to remove perspective lines?

Do you know the source of your photo you use as background? Has it been modified?
The modifications you can do to a photo (and should) is removing the lens distortion. You can get away with cropping as long as the crop is centered in the photo.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply. The photo is form an estate agent en probably taken with a wide-angle lens.

The problem is not caused by the handles and the axes. The fault is the door frame. And the grid is also not machting with the wall.

Could the problem be the wide angle lens?

It could be.

It could also be due to the photo being cropped from the original. If it was cropped, even very slightly off center, you won’t be able to set up Match Photo to make it work correctly.

That’s going to be my guess as well. With such a wide angle lens they probably distorted the image itself to correct the vertical lines. You might be better of making manual matching by setting SU’s perspective to 2pt.

If you go that route you might find that you want to rotate the camera to not be 100% horizontal. This isn’t always easy with SU’s default camera controls - as it tried hard to keep you level. But I made a little extension to help with that:

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