Trying photomatch, but getting weird FOV




I’m trying to photomatch this image but winding up with an FOV of 9.8 and a model that makes no sense:

Here is a screen shot of my setup:

(Sorry, I had to combine it all into one image because I cannot post more than a single link yet).

You can see the image I am matching, plus my setup. In the small inset image you can see what the cube looks like when I rotate my view. Obviously that is wrong. Also, when I try to edit the FOV of the camera, it tells me it is 9.46 degrees. That seems like a very narrow FOV (and would explain why I have such a foreshortened image).

Clearly I am doing something wrong but even after watching tutorials and reading online guides I can’t seem to figure out where I deviated from the way I am supposed to do it. I would greatly appreciate any guidance in getting on the right track. Thanks!


It’s not a suitable image for Match Photo. To be suitable it needs to have two vanishing points. Your image doesn’t. Also see the Help files on Match Photo. Especially the section titled Choosing photos that work with Match Photo.


Aha. Well that explains it. Thanks! I’ll try to find a different photo.


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