Matched Photo Problems

No matter how I rotate the picture file, it imports into sketchup sideways. Also, as soon as I leave the matched photo view, it’s impossible to get the picture back. It just disappears forever.

Ho are you going about rotating the image? Can you share it?

I’ve tried rotating in the file explorer and opening the picture in multiple external editing software and resaving it.

File Explorer won’t actually modify the image. What happens if you open it in an editor, rotate it, and then save as a new file? If you can share the image we can take a look and see if we get the same result and perhaps track down the issue.

Try this guy, thank you!

Well, it seems to work for me in SU2022.

Basement.skp (188.1 KB)

Here is what my matched photo looks like if I change to another scene and then go back to try to edit:

It seems to work ok. Posting in the forum may have effectively made it be a new saved version of the image.

matchphoto.skp (230.8 KB)

Do you by any chance have a style that has Match Photo background turned off? You can control that with Styles. Look for these check boxes. (This is Mac. Windows will look a little different)


No way…can’t believe I missed that. You’re the best!! thank you!