Why is my photo rotated after being imported by photo match

The photo imported is rotated 90 degrees to the left and I am not able to rotate it myself. THis happens on a Mac and on a WIndows computer. So obviously I am doing something wrong.
But what?

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Rotated to the left about the blue axis or rotated so the photo is laying on its side?

If it is the latter, was the photo taken with the camera held vertically? Many image handling applications including the tools that display images in Windows Explorer and Finder automatically detect vertical images and display them rotated to view correctly but the image isn’t really rotated. You can open it in an image editor, rotate it, and then save it with the rotation before importing into SketchUp.


Thanks for the fast reply. I now found out that photos taken in landscape mode are imported ok. But both (landscape and portrait) formats look ok on my iphone but not after importing in SKetchup…So probably I have to edit and rotate the portrait photos first?

Yeah. That’s it. The ones taken in portrait orientation will need adjustment before importing into SketchUp with Match Photo.

Thanks for your help…

I’ve run into this a few times with my cellphone camera. I think even in portrait. I must admit, I’m still not certain which way is up. A condition I find myself in from time to time.


DaveR. Your advice in respect to the wrong rotation using Photo Match is much appreciated.