Match photo adds upside down

When I add a photo using Match photo, it puts it in the model upside down. I can’t see a way to flip this upright. I have tried to save the photo upside down, but it still come into match photo upside down. It is like Sketchup thinks this is the way the photo should be. Is there a way to do this, or is this a bug?

Could you share the SKP file? Is it possible you drew the model upside down? With the axes in their default orientation, the solid blue axis should be pointing up?

It can also be dependent on the way you placed the red and green direction indicators in the Edit matched Photo mode.


I just had the same problem for the 1st time. I stripped the geotag information off of my photo and it loaded properly

The best trick to a nice photomatch is to setup your camera close to the position you want, setup your axis and then create a new match photo.

This way the first aproximation will be nice and it could solve your issue.