Imported image

My imported image is wrongly oriented, how do I rotate it the right way?
Thank you

Just as any other object in SU. Select the image and use the Rotate and/or Move Tools.

I have already tried of course. But we cannot select a suitable imported image, so I cannot rotate it

:thinking: Maybe you imported it as a “Matched Photo”?

Matching a Photo to a Model (or a Model to a Photo) | SketchUp Help

I imported it as an “adapted image” to model the facades of the house and keep the textures on it.

At least give us a screenshot to have a hope of guessing what you have done, the model itself would be better.

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Here is a picture, thank you

So you are trying to use the image in the MatchPhoto function. You should probably open the photo in a photo editor, rotate it there and save. Do not crop it. Then try again.

Can you update your profile?

You do not specify your operating system (Mac or Windows).

With Mac OS three is a mice feature that allows rotations, among other things.

From the Finder, highlight the file then press the Space Bar. This opens a simple image/movie editor.

On the top of the window you see a rotate tool. It does a 90° counterclockwise rotation.

Since you need a 90° clockwise rotation, you need to press that button 3 times.

This trick also works with videos and come very handy to rotate videos that were taken in portrait mode with a phone and that are shown sideway either on a computer, a TV or when uploaded on the Net.

If you are on Windows, you need to find a program that can do the same thing as Anssi wrote it.

Thank you. I thought we could return it directly with Sketchup. The answer is no, so he will continue to use photo editing software.
Thank you all