Photo match rotates image how to remove the image. MacOs sierra


Hi. I am brand new to this program. Ive read that if you take a picture with a phone it sometimes rotates the image depending on how you held the phone. Someone wrote that you could rotate the image and save it and then import. When I tried that, the picture I choose wouldnt import. I can take some new photos with the phone the same way and all pictures.
But how do I remove the pictures that`s already imported?


This questions a couple of days old now, and maybe you’ve already figured it out.

But I’ll still take a run at it, just in case…

I’m assuming that you’re asking about a picture that was imported into SketchUp as a ‘Matched Photo’, and not one of the other two options of use, either as an ‘image’, or as a ‘texture’

Each of the different import options require a slightly different deletion method.

Anyhow, for a matched photo import, make sure that you first click the ‘Done’ button on the Match Photo dialog window… after that, just right click on the file name tab in the top center of the modeling window and choose the delete option from the drop down menu that appears.