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After updating to SK 2017 we have problems with match photo. After adjusting the bars in match photo SK 2016 we find the exact vanishing points. If we do exactly the same with the same image in 2017 the vanishing points are on the wrong place. See the screenshots. Does anyone has an idea of whats goes wrong?


Can you upload the SKP file of the 2017 version?



[sigh…] Not the image. You already shared that. The SketchUp file.


I’m sorry Dave. Hope its enclosed now2017.skp (226.5 KB)


Is it possible that the Field of View value is different?


Field of View is indeed different but this is where the tool is for. By matching the photo in the right way you will find your exact Filed of View. Not the other way around. It works in SKP 2016


I noticed there was a scene 1 in the SketchUp File. There was also an issue with incorrect placement of the axis, might has something to do with the template in which you started. Anyway , managed to isolate the picture itself and imported in SU 2016 and SU 2017 in a new template, picked another origin and eyeballed the handles of the green and red axes. The field of view in both files are almost the same, an approximate of 58.13~58.43 , I think due to aging problems with my very own eyes :slight_smile:
I couldn’t get the blue Axe aligned with the corner, though, I think this might has to do with a distortion of the image itself. I could not see a significant difference between 2016 and 2017.
I also drew some guidelines ( orange) to simulate the vanishing points without really editing the Photo Match.MatchPhoto2016.skp (439.8 KB)
MatchPhoto2017.skp (363.0 KB)
It actually took me about 10 minutes…


Mike, you solved my problem. I was the template that we started with. I made a new template in 2017 and
fixed the perspective indeed in 10 minutes. Thanks for your help!!


Graag gedaan , Rutger👍🏻


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