Match Photo with Single Point Perspective



Is there any way to perform a match photo with a more or less central single vanishing point?

I know it’s not officially possible. Just wondered if anyone had discovered a cheat or workaround.


I often find it easier to open the photo separately in the photo viewer, place the photo viewer window so it overlaps the SkethUp viewport and then just Alt+Tab between the two windows and use the manual camera controls.


Yes something along those lines would have been my next port of call. I’ve eye matched before with some success.

In the end I have just discovered that there is a very slight convergence of verticals that I have managed to exploit to get about a ninety percent result. The slight discrepancies I can take out in Photoshop by eye when I combine with the exported Sketchup model. For some reason, with the combo of one vanishing point central and the other way, way off bottom of image, no matter how I manipulate the red and green vanishing point guides, the blue axis comes out as horizontal. But since it’s just a one off composite I have simply rotated the model to fit. Silly … but it works :grinning:

Thank you Julia for your swift response.