Match Photo, in reverse



I’ve tried modelling my grandparent’s house from memory a few times over the years, but it hasn’t panned out. I have pictures of it from many angles, and was wondering if there were techniques that could be used to obtain the shape of the house from these. Not having any dimensions to work from to build the model, I could nonetheless scale it more or less accurately when I’m done…


Hello. Have a look at this thread I made about a year ago, regarding the Match Photo. And also this article from SketchUp - Matching a Photo to a Model (or a Model to a Photo). Most important thing is to make sure your photos have a defined 2-point perspective. That will help you build the house properly. You can scale the whole model later.


I should’ve looked before I leaped; I’d tried using the functionality years ago, but didn’t remember that it allowed one to build volumes. I have one pic that meets the requirements.


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