Photo Match Challenge

I stumbled across this cool house and my wife jokingly said could you build it for me?! LOL. I’m a builder so yes, but that’s not the issue.

I started thinking about modeling it and am wondering about using Photo Match in the process. I do not have access to the building, and I’m not a Photo Match Pro so I’m wondering if it can be used when the building that you have photos of isn’t a traditional building and doesn’t have standard right angles to get the perspective from.

The home is located in Grand Blanc, Michigan, and was designed by Harold Turner in 1956.

What do you think?

Link to FB post of Home

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have you tried approaching the homeowner and asking if you could tour the house and get measurements? or asking who the architect is? how did you get the photos, look like drone shots.

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You could combine a 2D plan that you can sketch with the help of some data from the net (Google search) with the terrain obtained from geo-location and with 2D facades from some of the pictures, and with Photo Match you can model certain parts of the house.


The thing is, it’s not possible. To match Photo Match you need two pairs of parallel lines (also horizontal ones). One for the green axis, the other for the red axis. You can’t match the picture without it.

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I was able to get a great shot of the property with PlaceMaker.

Good… in combination with the other steps I wrote about, you could create the 3D model of the house :wink:


you modeled the wrong geometry.
These are the same facades.

In the original, the red wall is at a large angle to the yellow one. In your model both are parallel.

Create a rectangular grid of your floorplan that you can use to match diagonals. Thenyou can photomatch these diagonals

Which floorplan and diagonals?

The plan in the image above. It’s not a floor plan. My mistake. I’m not a native english speaker. The diagonals of the house you see in the plan, can be converted into points of an orthogonal grid. This grid can be aligned with the plan and used in photomatch.

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Even if you had the best photos possible from the right angles with the perfect conditions, it’s going to be impossible to replicate the exact form of the building, photo match isn’t an accurate tool but helpful in some cases, just get the best out of them so you can impress your wife.


Being a Frank Lloyd Wright fan (and a student of his works back in the day), I had a hunch that this architect was a follower (and probably studied FLW so I did a simple Google search of Harold Turner and turned up this nugget, that might help:
Harold-Turner-Survey-Report-and-Survey-Forms-FINAL.pdf (


With a little more research, I found this:

There is a sketch, part of 10 images for the propoerty, that shows the perimeter measurements of the building, which might help create a rough layout for you too.