Any alternatives to photo match?

Currently needing to model this house.

My clients didn’t take any photos of the house and the only one I could find is on Zillow and I can’t use it to photo match. I can’t go on site to get photos because I’m hundreds of miles away.

Does anyone have any alternative ways of modeling from a photo?

There are other, more expensive photogrammetry applications, but all of them need good photos, and you say you don’t have them. If the model is needed for anything serious, someone must go on site and take measurements or a point cloud scan. No one can create an accurate model by eyeballing from a photograph, especially a distorted one.


You could try fSpy and Blender, then export .DAE file and import it into SketchUp.

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You can’t get the client to go take pictures for you and send them to you? One other thing I’ve used for crude approximation especially combined with MatchPhoto is to look up the tax card online if available. Mind you, tax assessors usually only measure to the nearest foot, so not very accurate, but it can be a start. You could also try to reverse the perspective correction in an image editor like Photoshop. If the verticals are vertical, add blank space to the bottom of the image until the horizon line is exactly in the center of the image height and import that. It might work better.

This is the fastest way to do it. The blender part might be time consuming if you’re not used to the program. SketchUp team really needs to update this tool, especially for other uses, focal lengths, and additional perspectives.

pretty sure the problem here is that the verticals have been straighten.

therefore, the photo is not in perspective anymore. on the example provided, you can see the blue line is where the house corner should be if not made vertical.

you’ll find a similar issue using streetview, it makes panoramas out of several photos, but each photo technically has a different perspective.

(I had this issue often during classes, magazine photos, real estate photos, google streetview, can’t use these as examples. you need to rely on actual human made photos.)

Perspective Plotter - Blender Market a nice plugin for Blender if you’re so inclined. This type of thing is always worth having in your urban design / viz arsenal.