Matching sketchup model to perspective drawn on paper

hi all,
is it possible to match a sketchup model’s perspective to something that I have drawn on paper?
here’s what i mean and what i’m trying to do

i’ve created a simple room in sketchup, so far so good
now I have drawn on paper a rough perspective view of how i wish to model to look like.
is it possible to match sketchup’s perspective view with the one i’ve drawn on paper?
(i’m not aware of sketchup having a perspective grid or something similar to “distory” the model to match such guidelines i’ve drawn on paper)

i’m using sketchup 2017


You can scan your drawing and then import it [menu] File > Import
Set the format to ‘All supported image types’ and then be sure to check the ‘Use as new Photo match’ option.

For photomatch to work, you would need two vanishing points and an uncropped photo in general.
Depending on the accuracy of your drawing, it could work.

Can you share an image of what you have drawn on paper and of your 3D SketchUp model file?
Maybe ‘Match Photo’ (like @MikeWayzovski) suggested or just eyeballing in your modeling space, all depending on your drawing.
Zooming plus [Shift] lets you change the Field of View

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It seems to me there are two key questions beneath the surface: how exact a match do you need?, and how did you create your pencil drawing’s perspective?

SketchUp’s perspective is based on a mathematical projection from 3D to 2D. It has no ability to warp the projection to match something that is a more casual representation of “perspective”. Your technique and skill in the paper drawing will affect how close you can get using SketchUp. If you have a good eye and artistic skill, you should be able to get pretty close.

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“Uncropped” means here that the optical center of the “photo” must be in the center of the image.

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hey guys thanks a lot for the wonderful followups!
I didnt know about the photomatching option and after googling about it looks like it will do the trick for what i need, however it looks like its limited to only 2 point perspective am i right?
its better than trying to match it completely visually like i was doing, but i wonder why they didn’t make the 3rd axis movable as well, or associate it indirectly with the focal length of FOV to help get the 3rd axis at the angle one wishes to.

thanks again all for your quick replies