Problem 2 point perspective heights


This is my first post and problem with sketchup that I do not find.

I have raster from school where I have to draw a 2 point perspective.
My thought was to draw it in real life in sketchup, make a 2 point perspective of it
and then put it in photoshop on the raster and use it as an underlay to draw it over
by hand.

The problem is that my 2 meter line on the raster from school does not
correspond with the 2 meter line of my drawing in sketchup.

Ive put my eye height on 2m in sketchup and tried to tweak with the
field of view. But nothing works.

The photomatch is not an optiond because I tried and it does nog work for a
2 point perspective. My vertical lines are drawn to a 3th point of the 3 point perspective
of the photomatch.

If you have questions,

Just ask.

Here you can find the files

Kind regards,


uploading pictures would help us see what your problem is.
Do you know there is a two point perspective view option in sketchup ?
try to roughly match the photo with the photomatch tool (set it so the green and red axes match) and then switch to 2 point perspective and see if it suits you

in sketchup free it’s kind of tricky to find it, expand the scene tab :

two point

beware, while in two point perspective, you can only pan. orbiting would leave the two point perspective mode

edit : just saw you added files, let me check that in a few minutes

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I see what your problem is.

I’m not sure you’ll get any good result using sketchup. It would have been a good idea if there was a way to do a 2 point perspective photomatch in sketchup (which is kind of non-sense)

Still, you can get a close result if you switch to 2 point perspective from photomatch as I suggested before.

but you might have noticed, there’s no way to switch to two points perspective while in photomatch mode. What you can do to ‘save’ the photomatch camera position is to create another (non-photomatch) scene, delete the photomatch scene, and go to camera > previous (I assume you also have a desktop version since you sent a skb file - by mistake). - this also works if your photomatch is the only extisting tab scene and if you delete it
It will reverse to the photomatch camera position, with the possibility to activate the two point perspective option.

After a few tries, I get something close enough. For some reason I still need to make a few adjustments in photoshop, but it is acceptable.

Apart from all of that, I believe you’d have more fun drawing it yourself :wink:

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Thanks for the tips!

I will try it en pull it a bit in photoshop.

I want it to do it much faster this way than drawing it self :slight_smile:
, because I have a lot of work and studying to do :slight_smile:


You could import that image of the grid into SketchUp 2017 Make using Match Photo. You should be able to get things to line up that way.

You can also set the size if you need to do that.

Or maybe it would be enough if you set the camera’s field of view to 62.83°. Just get the Zoom tool and type it in.