Is There A Way To Select An Area Of An Image Like In The Street View?

I need to select a area from an image like in the street view option but i cant figure out how? any help?

Are you talking about a street view image or something else? How about giving us at least a screen shot so we can give you some guidance.

If you import a file to use as a texture, you can apply that to your surface, and right-click on the surface to select Texture/Position. Then you can move the image around to find the bit you want to use.

I would like to be able to use that square without going on street view but just using a picture from my computer

There are a few of ways to use an image in your photo. One would be use Match Photo. To be able to use a photo with Match Photo, the photo needs to be shot so there are two vanishing points on the horizon. In the view you show there is only one so Match Photo wouldn’t be a good option.

Another way would be to import the the image as an image or as a texture applied to a large face and stand it up in the background. Think of it as a backdrop on a stage. If the image is sufficiently wide angle, you might apply the image to the inside of a large cylinder. You’d have to eyeball the placement and the size of the image to make it work.

The third option would be to make a watermark of the image. This would also take some creative setup but I’ve seen cases where it works well. The challenge with that is the background remains the same as you orbit around the model.

The fourth option involves compositing the photograph with an exported image of the model. Just combine the images in an image editor.

Do you have to use an image you’ve already got or could you go and take new photos?

Thanks, I imported the image and it is fine now. Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

One question do you know how to select a region on an imported image?

Do you mean you only want to use a portion of the photograph you imported? Probably the best thing to do is crop it in an image editor before importing it. If you leave it as an image in SketchUp, you can’t do anything but change it’s overall size and location.

If you import the image as a texture (or explode the image after importing it which also makes it a texture) you can draw the shape you want to keep on the face and delete the rest. This would be useful if the portion you want to keep is not rectangular.

Oh ok, I will look into it. Thank you very much :slight_smile: