Apply Texture to A Simple 2D shape

Quite new to sketchup and looking for help with what I think should be a relatively basic concept.
I have a closed shape drawn on the horizontal axis. It is a mix on an arc and two lines converging at a point (A cone I guess).

How do I apply a texture to that? I’ve selected a material and an trying to use the paint bucket tool to fill this shape with the material, but no dice.

SketchUp is a visual thing. Upload the .skp file so we can see what you have exactly and help you out.

Look at View/Face Style, and see if you have Shaded with Textures selected.

Hi Colin, thank you for your reply.
Yes, I do have that selected. But that is not to say I messed some other prerequisite up. I am learning by trial and error and am realizing that what I am learning isn’t helping long term.

If you do something like these steps, do you get a texture? Before recording I had selected a roof material, and I used the keys A, /, and B to jump between the three tools.

Yes, I do.