[SOLVED] Can't apply image texture

I can’t apply an image texture to my model. It shows the preview correctly, but it just doesn’t apply it. Here is a video of the issue.

What am I doing wrong?

Share the SKP file and the image.

You can only apply the texture to one face initially. That’s the one at the lower left corner. Assuming the cylinder isn’t grouped, simply sample the material after you’ve applied it to the corner and apply it to the circle.

The cylinder is a component.

Here are the files:

circle.skp (431.6 KB)

See the edit to my previous post.

In order to apply the image to just the top face of the cylinder, it will need to be opened for editing. In the file you initially uploaded, the cylinder was not a component.

Doing what I described previous without the cylinder being wrapped in a component:

Thanks for the extremely quick solution!