Orientation of material changes when entity is grouped

I am having a problem applying a color (texture?) to an entity.

I made a simple cylinder and applied a horizontal texture to it. The texture was applied to one of the faces of the cylinder and it was horizontal.

Then I grouped the entire cylinder and applied the texture again. This time, it was applied to the entire cylinder, but the lines were vertical rather than horizontal.

I had previously done the same thing with another cylinder and it worked correctly.

I don’t want to rotate the texture, I just want to apply it to the object as it shows in the colors window.


Don’t apply the texture to the group container. Apply the texture to the faces inside. Then the material will stay put.

Do you mean you HAVE to apply textures to each face? There isn’t any way to apply one texture to the entire entity?

Oh well. Thanks.

If instead of grouping the cylinder you just do a Select All, the texture will be applied to the ends as well as the side of the cylinder.

If by one face you meant a single strip of the length of the cylinder (as opposed to the ends of the cylinder), that would happen if you had nothing selected and you also had Hidden Geometry turned on.

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Unless texture positioning is set for for a face the axes of it’s container is used to determine the placement of the texture. If you open the group, right click the axes, click change axes and place the axes similarly to the model axes, the texture positioning will be the same as before you grouped the geometry. There is no need to apply the material to each face.

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