Texture orientation and axes setting

Will the default orientation of textures be the original axes setting of the model or the current axes setting? I have a model that has floor surfaces that were created at an offset angle. The textures applied have to be rotated each time. Is there a way to make the texture align with the axes setting?

If you change the axis of the group or component then the texture will follow.

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Thanks. I suppose if the slabs are modeled not as groups or components then the texture will follow the original axes?

I notice that if 2 surfaces are grouped, then I am not able to apply a texture.
I made a sample rectangular surface divided it into 2, if I group them I cannot apply the texture. when I explode them, the texture is applied to both areas. I made the axes aligned to the area. I am still getting the texture applied offset by an angle.

I hope it is not this that I am experiencing: Texture orientation is not preserved when grouping faces in a context

I copied this model to a new file. The textures now work as intended. Something had corrupted the previous file. Wish there was a clean-up tool that could straighten things out without having to copy everything over to a new file. It appears this may have been caused by the axes change setting that I did.