Texture Issue - turned when in group, straight when not

I have a texture issue I can’t quite figure out. Perhaps it started because I integrated a couple of models with different axes. I tried to understand it by deleting everything but the issue. It only resolves when I copy and paste it in a blank file. I would really like to address it in the original model though.

Problem: the texture does not fill straight. Reset position is greyed out as well. However, if I group it, the texture seems straight. Double clicking inside the group shows there is something wrong though.

Here it is grouped (the group itself is not textured of course):

Here it shows wrong inside the group:

I added two files. One with the faulty texture (file b), the other (file a) works fine.
texture_behaviour_a.skp (1.7 MB)
texture_behaviour_b.skp (1.8 MB)

Thank you, Steven

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Thank you, that’s a way to correct it in the original model, I go ahead like that.

I still would like to know why the issue exists in the first place, and why it does look straight when grouped?

It is because you have re-positioned the origin. The texture is following the original global origin.

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Should that not be corrected when repositioning the origin to its original location? All axes inside and outside the group face the same directions. Just trying to understand.

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That’s it, thanks!!!