Difference in texture between texture level and group level


Wanted to know if there’s any way to get the texture level look to every layer. The geometry seems to change things up, when outside the group.

Chair.skp (11.3 MB)


I’m not sure what your question means. In the second image, you have opened/entered the back group. Textures will not display on the rest of the model while you have entered a group.

The back of the chair is infinitely thin, and you have the same texture on the back and the front of the face. It is curious that the back of the chair texture looks different when inside the innermost group, than it does while outside of the groups, but given that there are two textures at the same distance from the camera, maybe it is showing the other side’s texture.

Try giving the back of the chair some thickness, then the texture will behave as you expect.

I can’t find any fluctuation in the back’s appearance on my rig, fyi, even though it’s clearly flat in monochrome. *edit - maybe it’s because I’m on a small res screen? anyway *edit 2: no ok I just didn’t “see” what was in the OP photo and so hadn’t looked for it on my own; it’s there

I wanted to try clothworks to thicken it but clothworks won’t let me clothify it.

If I clear the existing texture and reapply the material as projected, that fixes the issue. However, the curve is too extreme and projected produces stretching on the arms.

One could workaround by splitting the surface and projecting multiple times.

Or there could be an extension that automatically does fixes this.

Thanks for your replies. Yeah I noticed the distortion when using the projected texture that’s why I didn’t use it. But might as well do what you say if there’s no other solution.

I don’t really understand what the problem is, but there are two potential issues:

  • There is a difference on whether you paint a textured material directly on faces (the texture gets UV mapped and you can right-click → Texture and edit/move texture pins ) or whether you paint it on a group. On a group, the material displays only on faces within the group that have the default material, but they do not get UV mapped. Therefore you would first paint a texture directly on the faces and properly UV-map it, then select the faces and set the default material in Entity Info, which preserves the UV mapping.
    (Feature request: SketchUp should offer context menu Texture → Position on default material faces if they inherit a material from a group/component instance.)

  • There was a bug that would cause UV-mapping to “jump” when entering or leaving a group or component. This was usually when the group/component had a shear transformation (scaled in a diagonal direction). I believe it was not the case with scaling along the x/y/z axis, and definitely not with symmetric scaling (all axes same). You could fix it by right-clicking the group/component instance an resetting the “skew”.