Texture not applying within a particular group but works elsewhere!

I have one group that will not allow textures to show! The other groups work fine…so it cant be a style thing. Any ideas?

Are you trying to paint the group instead of the faces inside it? Are those faces already painted with a material/texture?

You’d get a more definitive answer if you could share the model or at least that group.

Just trying to paint the faces individually WITHIN the group and they don’t show the texture, just a plain colour. The texture works fine on all of the other groups of have!
I have solved the issue myself by selecting all geometry within the group and cutting then pasting back in - textures are now showing…not really sure what was going on there but it’s solved.

That’s an odd solution but if you’re happy with it…

It would have been interesting to have a look at it to see what was going on with it.