Texture problem chair


Is there somebody who can help me with my problem?
I have put a texture on this chair, but the texture is not how it is supposed to be in real life. Is there any way I can give this chair the texture in the right way. The Lines in the texture are supposed to have more space between each one of them.


If I understand what you’re asking, all you need to do is enlarge the size of the texture image. So when you open the Materials window, click the Edit tab, and at the bottom of the window, under the Texture heading, you can enter different sizes.


There are plugins that can help you here like SketchUV, ThruPaint, …


When I enlarge the texture image and put the enlarged texture on the chair, it still looks the same like the photo.


Thanks for the answer, im gonna give it a try!


OK wasn’t sure, just thought I’d mention. @Cotty 's answer is probably the way to go then; it usually is :wink:

Also, SketchUp has put out a few skill-builder videos about applying texture images. Two of them can be found HERE.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


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