Texture orientation is not preserved when grouping faces in a context

A small bug regarding preserving the texture orientation of faces when they are grouped within a context that does not align with the model (world) axes. See images:

Note that this does not happen when the texture has been mapped to the face - only when it has been simply applied.

It’s normal and has been that way forever and one of the reasons that applying textures to faces is the recommended procedure.

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But it is weird. I don’t understand why it should be this way? Whenever I group anything with materials already applied, it messes the texture up.

If I were to go into the group, delete the skewed texture, then apply the material afresh, then it is aligned to the axis of the current context. So it’s not even consistent with other operations.

It’s an issue with SketchUp’s management of the UV mapping of the face when you group it. I agree it seems like a bug when the texture was already applied to a face before grouping.

I only get the skewed texture if it is applied to the group instead of the face and only if I rotate the geometry inside the group. The texture mapping remains aligned with the model axes.

If there was no UV mapping before grouping, there wont automatically be any UV mapping after. It’s a quite logical behavior, except that it isn’t very clearly conveyed whether a face has UV mapping or not.

Edit: Wait, I’ve must have misunderstood this. You start with a UV mapped face, change the drawing axes, and then make a group, where the texture has the same rotation it had in the first step, but relative to other axes? I think this is related to the Axes Tool not changing the local axes of the drawing context being edited, but changing the “global” drawing axes.

Maybe I missed it @TommyK, but was the texture applied to the group or the face?

The texture was applied to the face.

This isn’t quite the case I am describing. I am arguing that textures should retain the default mapping relative to the group it is creating: not the model axes.

I should have said this in the opening post, but these are the steps to recreate the “bug”:

  1. Make a face and group it
  2. Rotate the group
  3. Open the group and apply a texture to the face (all good so far)
  4. Select the textured face and group that. You will see that the texture switches to being aligned to the model axes: not the group axes that it came from.
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I doubt this is a feature, would then be a bug, yes?

Maintenance bug squashing should have this sorted in no time…

I think this bug has been around forever, to be honest. And if it wasn’t caught in beta testing, then it’s also my bad!

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