Aligning textures

Here’s a typical example of a common problem where the same texture on two different elements clearly have a different origin. In this case, the bottom section is a floor group with edges hidden so as to appear seamless.

As both walls and floor are in separate groups, one or both need to be edited to get them to join up. How is it best to do that?

Are you applying the textures to the faces?

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Dave, yes to the surfaces inside their groups. When I do what you demonstrate, nothing changes.

Can you share the .skp file?

I’ll PM you.

Eneroth Line Up Axes - “Useful e.g. for making non-positioned textures in different groups align,…”

Thanks mihai. Dave suggested the same extension so I’ll get hold of it.

For anyone else interested in this topic, the quick fix turned out to be the following:

  1. Open first component. Select the face. Invoke Texture>Position. Move the red handle to a corner. Close component.
  2. Open second component. Invoke Paint Bucket. Use eyedropper to select texture in first component and apply it to the second. Job done.