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I was wondering if there is any trick or any plugin to Paint the faces da make the texture “align” with the faces that i want i all this objects that i créate. I ll upload some photos to see the problema and if anyone could help me out. i want the material to converge in a center i dont know if its posible.

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Maybe you can concentrate on aligning the texture on just one segment (preferably as a component) and then use a radial copy array for that component.

p.s. there seem to be a few icons missing (blue noted) :wink:

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Hey Wo3Dan,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I try to do it with a component option but didnt work. When i try to align the texture with texture image only does for on face…

Regarding the icons what do you mean? some icons from the app ES or just the big amount of icons? thanks a lot :slight_smile:

That wasn’t meant seriously. ( hence :wink:). Or should I “say” :smile:
You have about 10 times as many icons there as I do.

If you have just one component and in editing context texture only one face. Then right click on it and apply the “right click” context option: Texture > Position > rotate the texture as desired > done. Then sample its texture and paint the other 3 or four faces within the component with the sample. Then close the component again. A radial copy array will have all the texture oriented towards the center.

ahaha no problem… Ive installed a lot of plugins latelly… So you know, still working hard on this Project… Ill clean it a bit once ive time… anyway many thanks for your tip. Ill try to do it.

Many thanks Carlos

You could save your self some toolbar space by getting rid of redundant tools.

As @Wo3Dan says.


If you make the 2 outside edges “hidden” it will appear seamless.
Best to make the segment a component, then further editing will affect the whole array.

Many thanks @whiterabbitdesigncompany
Now perfectly clear…

Problem solved tahnks a lot