So like, textures and stuff

So, like, i have a model, and i wanted to change color of it. BUT Sadly, the color is physically in the model. So like, if i try to select the color, it selects the whole piece-thingy. Got me? SO like, is there anyway i can exactly, edit the texture for thet one whole piece of model? Please help!!! THANKS!!! ;D

Or like open the component or group and add materials to the like faces.


Nothing wrong with a touch of humour mixed in with good answers.

Look in the materials drop down in the ‘selection’ tab for “In Model”
Select the material you want to change,
click on the ‘edit’ tab
edit it.

For a bit more clarity on the subject.
If a group or component has been painted while not in edit mode the whole group takes on the colour, this colour can be edited in the materials window.
But if you open the group/component for editing you can paint specific faces with colours and they will override the group colour. These colours can also be edited.

Well uh, you see, like lets say i would like to make a design on a single face. Could i be able to do so?

Unless counter-indicated by something you haven’t mentioned, it could be that your best bet would be to paint it on the face as a texture.

Tell us more about the face and the design.