Positioning textures on individual component faces - educate me please

Okay. I require education… again.

Still working on my WM sauna off center .skp (1.6 MB) model, and I’m having trouble with a texture’s position on certain faces. The two giving problems both have heavy geometry, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. The one is a push/pull face and the other is a follow me, and I’ve been able to position textures on other similar faces of each type? (unless they were just magically positioned correctly and I didn’t need to adjust… perhaps.)

I’ve tried to be a good student and have done a bunch of research on this subject, but I’m not finding the answer that works yet, and now I’m on a deadline.

  1. I know that you have to burrow all the way into the groups and components in order to get to the actual face before applying the texture.
  2. I have been able to position textures on almost all of the other faces by selecting them and choosing position from the bottom menu.

~ There was something about changing the axis on an item to change the automatic positioning?
~ Is my best recourse to upload my own vertical texture?
~ Is there a way to replace a texture in a model with a new one and have it disperse the way that I have (somewhat painstakingly) ordered each face?

~ Am I once again missing a very obvious and simple solution?

(((As always, general comments on things I can improve are usually welcome :wink: )))

I see the ‘replace’ texture feature in the edit texture menu (go figure :slight_smile: )

I would need to clean this custom texture up quite a bit, but that might work…

Basics of SketchUp

  • about groups and components

  • applying textures onto curved surface


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So that is great, and it does work… but It seems like it still goes randomly on every other pencil tap. Is there a gesture or flick or something that makes this work more efficiently?

Try texture position then texture projected and you can create a continuous texture into an organic surface quite easily. It doesn’t work well in shapes that feature bends close to 90 degrees

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