Same component, different texture position


I am modelling a facade of a building. To do it, I created a component, so the facade is modelled with this unique component.

So far so good, the problem comes when applaying the texture. If I apply the texture on the faces of the component, I can edit the position and scale, but the result is not good for rendering, as all the components look the same.

So my basic question is: is there a way to have the same component overall the facade and having the texture position not the same in every component?

I know, I can make components unique, and change the position of the texture individual in every component, but that is a very hard and time consuming work…is there any work around?

I also know I can apply the texture to the component, but as I need to scale the texture, that is not an option.

Thank you!!

Sadly not, at least not directly in SketchUp. Maybe some renderer has support for randomly moving textures around on render time, I don’t know.

Which renderer are you using @idgi ?

Seems like @eneroth3 made the similar feature request last year but sadly there is still no progress with it afaik. (Maybe a plugin is out there?)

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Yes, already saw that post…thanks

I am using Vray 2 for sketchup


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