Components with different texture position


I’m making a skyscraper, and since many floors are identical, I’ve made identical floors components to save myself time. However, I want to import a jpeg to give the windows a reflection image. So when importing, i scaled the image to the whole building height. However, all the floors that are component copied also the material texture position. Any ideas on methods to get around this or methods of this type of modelling?

Before, I had all the windows separate from the floors, but I find that slower, having to have a unique window for an entire building.


I think this might work. The trick is that you need to project the material to the component itself and not the stuff inside the component. If you’ve ever tried this, the result usually looks like broken glass. There is a way to trick the geometries inside the component to map “outside the component” applied materials.

Take a look at this Projecting and Embedding Textures in Dynamic Components Self-Paced-Tutorial I made back in the day for Google.

Even though it is for a dynamic component, the material/texture wrapping trick should work with normal components. If you go through the scene tabs and follow the instructions, I think it will make sense. You actually only need to work through Scene 7 to get the “trick”.

I should also add that any materials applied inside the component will take precedence over any applied to the component itself. That way, if there are some materials/textures that are the same on each floor, you would only need to apply them once.

– Matt


Neat trick. I tried it. still doesn’t work. You were right that the projected material will take priority over the inside material (surprisingly, didn’t get the broken glass effect), but for some reason, each floor’s projected image is still a copy and I get a repeat of the image for them all. Once I go into the component, I’ll see the other image (different, and again, that’s the same for them all.)
But thanks for that tip!


Unfortunately, a texture can only be projected on a face, not on a group or component.
You could perhaps model a huge box slightly smaller than your building, project your texture on that, and place it inside your model. Then make your windows use a totally transparent material (or model them as empty holes.



HI ,I am quite sure that you cannot do it , all the glass has to be in one editing mode and not a component.
I would do this , Create one side of a floor with holes in for the windows and make component . Then draw the glass in one and make component and copy across windows requires. Then select the lot and rotate 3 copies to create 1 floor . And copy up all you floors .
Then i would select the whole building and pull a new copy out and then select just all the walls on that copy with selection box and erase. You should be left with the original model and a separate set of windows.
Next explode that set of windows and make a group and apply a projected texture to that .
On the original model go into the editing mode of the window and triple click ( they all should select )and place then on a new layer in case you want them in the future and then hide them .Move the new window group and edit and apply texture .



Could you provide a couple of screenshots?


Take a look at this really simple example. Is this on track of what you are trying to do? Your building probably looks nicer. The floors in the attached model are all the same component. Each component has a different texture projected onto it.

BuildingF.skp (291.8 KB)


Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I like Anssi’s suggestion about just making a hole for all the windows and putting a core inside the building and texturing that. Next time. I ended up making each floor unique and then projected the image. I just hope I don’t have to modify anything, otherwise I’ll have to modify all the floors individually.
Here’s what I’ve been doing. Making buildings with few faces/lines but still give it some details. I haven’t found one method that works best yet. I’ve tried hollowing out the buildings and put rooms and a half-transparent image/texture for window for a fake reflection. and sometimes I don’t bother with interior and just do a cloudy image for a reflection.