How to organize Components with already made window panes?

Hi… Some of you may have seen my concept evolution. I now have to learned that for a rendering all my window panes needs to have volume. So I took them out of my building and now I wonder how can I use dynamic components not to have to make each one by one with off set and push & pull etc.
As my windows end in a diagonal I under stand that those need to be done one by one.
Can someone explain/list the steps I would need to take to only make one row on top of each block.
Do I need to delete the others as I understand (maybe wrong) that it can only be done with copies
I am thinking of deleting all the bottom floors and then make the top one and then can copy them and what ever change I make in the top all the other floors will happen.
I know I am working backwards here. But as I am self taught that’s my way of learning sorry.
The current thickness of my glass is 3cm for double or triple glazed simulation.
The elevator shaft has horizontal windows to open in case of emergency.
This building has balcony on the other side and unites would go from side to side.
That side took me a VERY LONG time as it is a very uniquely curved concept that I have asked
questions about here before. Unfortunately non of the extensions that are free would do the dividing
so I did all one by one. It was a steep learning curve for patience. But I am quite happy with it
can’t wait to see rendered. I have someone who is helping me for the rendering and it is from him
I get the requests to finish this and that. As my impatience pushes me to go to far to fast and for example (mea culpa) make all my concepts with glass that has no thickness (never again I promise)
I am still inclined to add narrow

(elevator shaft height windows) on top of all but I would like to do that
and see if I like it with the dynamic components.
Thank you so very much for anyone sharing the exact path for dynamic components from within my situation here… Step by step ( I don’t mind erasing the floors I will just leave one line on the left for each floor to make sure the copy will be correctly placed.

If they are components you should only need to thicken one of each definition and the rest will follow.
But if they are a mix of groups, components and faces you can always just use Fredo’s Joint Push Pull.
Here I have made a rough representation of what you show and have exaggerated the thickness.

Hello Thank you
After logging in to the Warewhouse
This is the only one I could find
I could not find any called Fredo

JointPull+ (it that the one you suggest?)

Push/pull multiple faces at once!
JointPull+ | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

It looks very nice
But still I can’t figure out
-how to make one window frame on one window
and then then all the window frames would get the same window frame

I know I am bad at asking questions it’s due to my German and French
All my existing windows already have a 3cm thickness
but now I need to design a window frame on all
so I want to know how to proceed not to have to do each and all of them
How can I turn ALL the existing recangular windows into components NOW
after they are already designed.
In my thinking after looking at youtube I thought I need to make
ONE window > then make that ONE window a component > then copy that window one by one
to the entire facade > then ONLY can I design one window frame on the first one > and all will copy that window frame automatically.
Is that the correct way of thinking on how to proceed or not?
and how to do it when all the windows are already made
I understand that after that as I give all the window frames a different common material
I could select them all and then use the Joint Push and Pull (the one I found is $4.99)
Not that I mind that but it isn’t the same as you suggested.

Thank you so much for your efforts they are very much appreciated!
Your gif will help me much in the future
(other question how to do record you proceeding) do you use Camasia or other method?
Its very helpful.

You’ll find all of Fredo’s extensions on the SketchUcation Plugin Store, not Extension Warehouse. SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

It’s free to sign up to the Plugin Store, but many or most of his extensions are now paid for.

Thank you very much sorry for the late reply.


I have managed to make all the window frames with push and pull.
The Fredo seems to work on a straight facade but it still leaves me with
boxes that have an empty back (without glass)

So I resolved for the curved part to do it one by one as my whole facade is a 4sided concave curve
I found nothing that worked but working along the invisible geometry.
It was pain staking but now I am that far down and by trying to render
I realize I forgot somehow to make the glass two layers.
But the glass panes, that I can select them all at once on each of the 4 facades
when I use push and pull it just pulls, all the panes say
(20mm away from original position in our outwards)

BUT it does NOT leaving with a “tickness” that I am told I need to give the glass a good
rendering in Lumion.
In the Sketchup rendering the two glass colours are rendering
I am very concerned that I need to do each window one by one by selcting each pane and then make
a copy 200mm away.
AND I am not sure will that make the glass as a double connected volume with side planes or not
OR if that is not needed for rendering.
ALL my window frames are actually looking hollow from the inside
of each floor
but in the moment I am only concerned about the outside of the look of my concept

Sorry to be going on and on about this but I am learning as I go along and I am not the youngest
it’s all Autodidact even I went back to school to get a certificate in SketchUP and Revit
but there are so many situations/things they did not teach or I do not recall or
simply did not cross the path of the curriculum

I wish I could get an intern position somewhere here in Vancouver but it has been utmost
impossible 1/age 2/ Covid after the school 3/ who wants a gran pa who’s ultra creative but
can’t deliver alone without help.

Thank you so much