Dynamic components - weight of the model

Hi! I plan on making a big model in Sketchup (Robin Hood Gardens building in London) and I wonder what strategy would be best to minimalize the weight of the model. I have to create at least 3 dynamic components for windows - but when it comes to the components is there a difference in terms of size of the file between regular and dynamic components? I know in general components are heavier than groups. For example, should I use just one dynamic component for all widths of the windows even if the majority is 132 cm or is it better to use the regular component in the 132 cm window and for the rest the dynamics?

Do you have to create these Dynamic Components? If you are concerned about “weight” non-dynamic components would be lighter than dynamic ones.

For example, I have a type of window with 6 different sizes (in total there would be around 500 windows of this type) - in this case it’s better to create 6 normal components with a set width or 1 dynamic component with 6 variations?
I understand that 1 dynamic component loaded in the model is heavier than a normal one but is it the same case if I multiply them? Theoretically, the amount of surfaces and lines stays the same in the physical model.

It depends on how those variations have to work. If, for example, you have to create a number of hidden sub-components to make the window variations work correctly or you have to add materials that aren’t used in the component, the dynamic components will be heavier because they have to carry the load of the invisible elements.

I guess if I were you I would experiment a bit. Make a non-dynamic window and make a dynamic one that works as you need it to… Then see what happens to file size as you start multiplying them.