Marvin Polygon Window

Can somebody help me out with this window component i found in the sketchup warehouse? I’m trying to resize it and manipulate the shape of it. I see that it’s got a bunch of different components to it that are hidden, so i assume it’s a dynamic component that I’m somehow supposed to manipulate through the component attributes but I’m totally lost. I need it to be 42" W x 66" H at the tall point on the left side of the window with a 4/12 pitch on the angled top. any insight on how to work with this component is greatly appreciated.

Marvin Clad Ultimate Polygon P4 Direct Glaze Window.skp (1.3 MB)

It is a Dynamic Component. Select it and open the Dynamic Component Options window from the DC toolbar and change the dimensions and top slope as needed.

that’s what i thought, but when i try to open up the dynamic component options window it doesnt give me those same options. am i selecting the wrong thing?

How did you insert it into your SketchUp file? It appears you’ve exploded off the top level component wrapper. Delete that one and insert it again from the Warehouse from within SketchUp.

that fixed my problem, i had been downloading it from the warehouse and then opening as a separate file. it must have been exploding when i opened up the separate file.

Thanks for your help!

Yep. That wasn’t the right way to be getting the component considering it is a dynamic one.

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i think i just did, but not totally sure. don’t post on the sketchup forums frequently

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if i had multiple ticks I’d give him all of them! I tried marking both of the posts that helped but it switched instead of marking both.

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One is sufficient. I just don’t know which one really solved the problem. :wink:

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