Dynamic component option window not morning on my windows computer

Hi, I am trying to change the height of a dynamic component by Sketchup. The file is called Casement window is:dynamic
For some reason the students using a Mac computer are able to see the Component option window while the other students, are only able to see the attributes window.
Is this a persisting bug in Sketchup 2021?

I would appreciate any help I could get on this issue.
Thank you so much!

“… window not morning on my windows computer”

Do you mean the window isn’t opening on the Windows computer?

First step is to make sure that SketchUp was installed correctly. Correct installation on Windows machines requires right clicking on the download installer, and selecting Run as administrator. If that wasn’t done, or you don’t know, do that now and when prompted, choose Repair.

Second step would be to go to Window>Preferences>Workspace and click Reset Workspace.

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Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply! I meant that the Component option window is not showing properly. See attached.
I am selecting the component to change the height of it but it says ‘‘there are no options to choose on this
sketchup issue

How are you getting the component into the model file? What happens if you double click on the component with Select and select the component within?

Can you share the component file?

Hi Dave,

I was able to figure it out. Just brought the component directly from the warehouse within the Sketchup tray on the right instead of downloading it on a separate file from the warehouse website.
Thank you though!

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OK. So there’s the explanation, If you had opened the component the way you had it before and selected the component inside, you would have seen the component options. In Outliner you would see an extra level of component nesting. This could be a useful thing to understand for going forward.

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