With component selected, Component Options still asking to select a component?


Hello to you and hope you don’t mind the question. You do list bug catcher as a badge though. I posted this issue in Dynamic Components and had two other users comment/encounter the same issues. It was mentioned to move it to Technical Issue as that area may get it better attention. No one has offered any input or explanation as to what could be wrong.
We have Windows 7 Pro x64bit and SU 2015 Pro…working with Dynamic Components we have no trouble selecting the component and going to Components Attributes from Window. If the component is selected the Attributes box is opened with all the listed categories and selections. Say it was a kitchen cabinet or a window with five different lengths and widths per style. The only way to get the list in the Components Options to appear is to save the file. Then do a system shut down in order for SU to update it and show the list. While the component IS SELECTED it is still telling you, that you must select a component to view its options as the drop down is empty except for this instruction??? I tried to just save the file and close and re-open SU, as you have to some time with the older way of installing extensions. Only a complete system shut down will make the options list appear in the Components Option box with the component selected.
I am new to this but this cant be right, or is this just the way it is and a Windows issue??? I took the time and made 4 different files of a single component and added attributes for the width. I had to do a system shut down for the first three to get the Components Options list. The fourth one gave me the options list without a shut down??? I crashed and made a new component file in the morning after 6 hours and it made me shut the system down to get Components Options to list while the component itself is highlighted the whole time… I can share the screen shots showing this or make a new single component file to share. ( The originals are posted in the forums ) It just makes no sense to have to do this and very curios as to why, I am weird that way. Even as a kid if something was broken and thrown to the curb I was taking it apart to see what was going on even having no clue how a TV worked at 8 years old!! If you have any words of wisdom or can shed a bit of light on it would be great. At least I can go back to the other two users and share something as it is bugging them to. Thanks for your ear and time…Peace…