DC Component not selected


I’ve created a DC Component and give it some Component Attributes. When I call the Component Options dialog box it shows “No Component Selected”, but it is selected as I can see the attributes.

Any help is welcome

Luis Neves


It doesn’t sound like you have the component selected in the model space when you open component Options. If there is no component selected, you’ll get that message.

If that’s not it, share the SKP file so we can see what you’re getting. There’s no point in guessing what is happening.


a fix in the great tradition of windows, close SU down and start it again or…


The other possible guess is you have saved the DC and then opened it in it’s own model rather than added it from the component browser.
If that is the case you are inside the component rather than outside it selecting it.


Dynamic Component_v1.skp (1.2 MB)

Before all, thank for your prompt response.

After close and reopen the file I can see the options, but can’t work out them.

Please refer to the file.

Luis Neves


Visit the Extension Warehouse and make sure you have installed the latest version.

Next time it happens open the Ruby Console window before selecting the component. If you get an error, you know you need to restart sketchup. Then please take a few minutes to report the error - it has been around far too long.


Hi Luis,

I understand that you are a new user, you will notice that the file size you uploaded is 1.2Mb, far too big for a simple rectangle. you can purge a file of its history of components,layers… via menu, window / model info / Statistics and press the Purge Unused button in Sketchup before uploading

To access the option dialog text cells, you need to select the edit in the display rule in the info dialogue of the attribute, you are only allowing the user to see the attribute value.


Edit: the space DC you downloaded from the warehouse works on using the scaling of the area and as such requires only limited editing of the option dialogue.
For example it applies a specific rule for LenY based on lenX
The limited usability is intended