Dynamic Component Resize

Please Help.How do you resize a window from 3D Warehouse (Dynamic Component) At first it is correct then the arch window can’t resize the down part is resize able Please help .I am new to sketchup

can you give a 3D Warehouse refence to the window

When i edit the width the top arch would disappear
Or when i change the size only the lower part of the window change size and the arch size remains the same

It is Marvin clad ultimate double hung round top RT2 Direct Glaze Window

Your screenshot shows the Dynamic Component Attributes window. If you put values in there they replace the original formulas that define how the component behaves. This is meant for the component developer. To change the dimensions of a window in your model, you input them in the Dynamic Component Options box, or if the developer has allowed it, use the Scale tool.

Oh i am new thank you but then the width option has only 3 options i wanted 30 width which is not given ao does that mean that I can’t change it.Because when i tried to scale it it doesn’t work

Marvin Windows is a real life window manufacturer so probably they have made their component to include all their available options. The arched part cannot be created parametrically in a Dynamic component so probably the component switches between embedded options. Scaling it directly would distort the form.

Ok thanks a lot I have been trying to do this for two days straight thanks and can i ask one question i am using sketchup pro 2021 when i tried to use live component and click on configure live component there is an error 503.what does this mean thanks a lot

If you would have made one to fit your dimensions you would have been done in no time. Now you have wasted 2 days…

Yea plus i am so new to sketchup i am learning on youtube don’t know where to start

learn.sketchup.com is a good place to start.
And the SketchUp YouTube channel Square One series is made for beginners.

Thanks a lot will see to it

You’re welcome, good luck with learning!