Sizing an object from 3d Warehouse

Hello, I’m trying to resize a sofa from the 3D warehouse to proper dimensions for a living room layout. It’s a great model sofa but for some reason I can’t get it to the right dimensions. It’s quite simple I want it to be 7’ 6" X 3’.

I’ve used the scale tool plenty of times but for some reason it won’t seem to hold the size changes. It tends to just keep snapping back to the original size. I’ve tried to use the tape measure tool to set a guide but it just keeps going back to its original size.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong…any suggestions would be appreciated.


Sounds like a Dynamic Component whose size is set to fixed increments. Please provide us a link to the sofa.


Thanks, here’s the link.

As I suspected, it is a Dynamic Component set to fixed and incremental dimensions. You can defeat the fixed dimensions by selecting the component, right-click > exploding it, and then immediately re-componentizing it while the pieces are still selected. After that, you’ll be able to scale the sofa as you wish.


Hi Monte & Gully

That does enable one to scale the parent component, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.
The eleven components nested inside are also DCs.

Unfortunately, scaling the non-dynamic parent still creates havoc.
It seems Monte will have to explode > re-componentize each in turn to make it behave as expected.

Identifying Dynamic Components — SketchUp Help
This dynamic components help article states:
The component will have a badge ( ) on its thumbnail in the Component Browser or in the 3D Warehouse indicating that it is dynamic…

On the 3DWH page of this model I find neither a badge nor any text indicating the model is dynamic.

Best practice is to exercise a bit of self-defense when downloading from the 3DWH.
Always download models from the 3DWH into a new file and have a good look first.
Never download into your existing model.

Thanks for filling in the (sizable) gaps, Geo.


I also have similar ? does the same go for the windows too I can’t figure out ho to resize them.

how do you resize a window from windows you get in 3d warehouse

It kind of depends on the window component. Some are dyanamic components and they can be resized via the Component Options window accessed from its button on the Dynamic Components toolbar. They might also be adjustable using Scale. The author might have set up the window so it can be resized in standard steps to suit what the manufacturer offers.

If it’s not a dynamic component, you can resize it by editing the component and moving parts of it. The exact steps will depend on exactly how the author drew it.

There’s also a tool in the FredoScale tool set that could be useful.