Component Will Not Scale Down

Hello there,
I’m sure there is a really simple fix to this issue but I have never run into it before and not sure what little thing I’m missing.
I have downloaded a Nanawall component from the 3D Warehouse that I am trying to scale down. However every time that I scale it where I want it, it snaps back to its original size. Are there some components that just don’t scale or is there a little step I’m missing?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

If you can you post a link to the component, then we can take a look!

There is a chance that it is a dynamic component, and of a specific size. In that case, if you try to use Scale to resize, it will jump back to it’s intended size.

That’d probably be helpful!
Here you are: NanaWall WD65 - Wood Framed Folding/Paired Panel System For Special App | 3D Warehouse

That is exactly it! If you right click on the component, then choose Component Options from the Dynamic Component menu, you will get a set of preset sizes that you can choose from.

For future reference, files from the Warehouse with the little icon in the upper right corner are Dynamic Components:

Noted! :slight_smile:
Thank you for helping me understand this!

I downloaded the model, selected one of the panes, and exploded it, removing its dynamic attributes. Keeping it selected, then made the collection of objects a new component. Now I can re-scale the one pane. If you do it for all of them, then you can re-scale the entire model.