Objects snap to wrong size when using scale tool

Our House.skp (3.3 MB)

Hey guys!!

Very new to SketchUp, messing around designing a house. I got a certain way through and now when I try scaling particular objects, for some reason, they snap to a completely different size. Can anybody help, please?

p.s. I have included the project and am trying to resize the floor joist to the size of the room that the joists are hovering above. If you try using the scale tool to resize the floor joists to the downstairs room it will snap to the wrong size.

Kind regards

You have chosen to use certain components that are Dynamic, these have limits to them. The green symbol in the corner tells you they are dynamic. In this case you can’t scale them, but you can use the Dynamic Component options to change their length.

God bless you! Thank you for the prompt response! I had no idea I was using Dynamic components. Just out of curiosity is there a way of turning the dynamic components off for those using it, just so I won’t have to redo those parts?

Eneroth has an extension for that.

Thank you for all your help Box!

You’re welcome.

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