Scaling Dynamic Components without using Component Options Dialog Box

One of the really neat things about Sketchup is how you make can make objects snap to position based on the proximity of guidelnes or other objects.

It seems like scaling components also has this magical power. I can resize a component to fit within two other objects and it will also snap to adjacent objects.

Is there a way to scale DYNAMIC components to size without using the Component Options dialog box?
I would like to be able to design a kitchen with parametric cabinets by selecting a library object and snapping it into place.

The movie in my head would have me drag these onto the model then stretch them to appropriate dimension while the component attributes are updating in the background.

Is there any way to do this without having to key in specific dimensions?

Did you try the Scale tool?
I think if the dynamic components extension is installed, it is listening in the background to update when a dynamic component is changed.

Did you see some examples here?

Aerillius, which dynamic components extension are you alluding to?

If think he is referring to the standard DC extension which comes with SketchUp Pro, it will allow you to change attributes of components.
There is also this extension:

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