Dynamic component guts

I’m currently working on a project that includes several Dynamic Components (about 50)
I’ve set everything correctly, everything works great, I’m talking about sizing the component using the component options. These components are Workspaces, you can indicate the architectural grid size, and the number of it. Then the component resizes itself properly.
Unfortunately, someone is asking me to be able to resize it manually using the Scale Tool in Skp.
And of course, a lot of parameters depend on my Architectural Gid and Size Menus.
So I have to rewrite everything in the components settings, one by one.

I wondered if there is a way to extract a *.txt file from a component, replace all the lines that I have to correct and then put it back with the new settings, without using sketchup. So I only have to use Ctrl+F and replace the things that I want to change.

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Is this a one-off request? Do they need the components to be dynamic? Maybe an alternative would be to make them not dynamic for them.

What version of SketchUp? What OS and graphics card? Please complete/update your forum profile.

Yep the component needs to be dynamic (ground assignment for reports, on click objects)
Sorry for the profile Issues. I’ve done it.

I don’t believe there is any way to mass-edit the attributes for a bunch of Dynamic Components unfortunately.

Thanks for updating your profile. That info is helpful.

Thanks for your answer.
I think that this option could be useful.

I’ve just read another post about what sounds like a closely related issue.

Might this be of relevance to you?