I would like some help setting up a dynamic component


I would like some help setting up this dynamic component so that if I made the wall 70’ by 12’ are any different size for that matter, the 20mm bars would stay at the same spacing 200 O/C each way and the bars would get shorter are longer as needed. are be able to enter in a spacing and a bar diameter and have that changeable for what ever is required. Is this possible to do and if so can someone explain to me how it was done. I’m not sure on the extent of help i could get on this forum but it would be awesome to get it all figured out.dynamic components.skp (131.4 KB)



I think the starting point here is to look at the help articles which cover a variety of dynamic component designs…


The articles covering ‘repeated sub-components’ would be a good place to start… and likely will cover what’s required in your design.

with regards to your attached file… I think it would be good to rename your two components to something more descriptive e.g. 20mm_Horz, and 20mm_Vert. . . just to establish a relative sense of direction (and hopefully avoid some confusion inside the Dynamic Component’s attribute window.

I don’t mean to take a pass on helping with your questions here. But before we reinvent the wheel, it’s worth making sure you’ve already seen what’s available… the information there is good, and it’s also formatted a little better than what will happen on this forum.


dynamic components 2.skp (703.5 KB)
this is exactly what i am looking to do but with bars instead of lumber and nothing around the perimeter we could change the spacing we could change the size of bar I’m sure this very close to being done with a few changes.


You can always edit this component, turning the slats into a round bar instead. . . and the rest of the dynamic formulas still seem to stay intact.

There’s a view setting called ‘Hide Rest of Model’… (>View >Component Edit…), if you turn that on and double click on any of the slats you’ll free up the clutter of the outside frame, and put yourself in the edit component mode at the same time. draw a little circle on end grain of the slat and push/pull the unwanted part down to the other end.

Just this one edit will change everything, since all of the center lattice is an instance of the same component.

After that you can go back in and edit out all of the perimeter slats. Just by selecting and deleting each one.

. . . Once at that point… What changes would you like to see?. . . There’s not a lot of options for spacing with this one. can you get by with that?.. or perhaps you need more choices?

On a separate note… it would probably be good to look at one of the models you’ve already been working with… assuming there is one. There is more learned by fixing up something you might have already started than there is by copying a tutorial, of editing something already made.

I get the basic idea of what you’re looking for… but details about how you want the dynamic component to function are not so clear…

How do you want the controls to be set up—there are options for…

  1. selecting from a list.
  2. editing a textbox.
  3. or even none of the above, but instead using the ‘scale’ tool to re/size the component.

and then should there be adjustment for everything? bar diameter,… bar spacing… (are vertical and horizontal independent of each other), overall size (w x h)…

Does the spacing follow the gap between bars as a fixed value, or an equal spacing based on how many bars you want within the overall length.

It’s worth having a list of requirements here… because it’s going to affect how you set up the dynamic component from the start. Certain decision can work well for some things, but then they don’t necessarily expand out to accommodate other adjustments which are added in at a later time.


This is what I’m after. if it is possible have them both on one component then bar sizes 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 35mm diameter and for the spacing would be 4"… all the way up to 20 inch so these options would be available to chose bar size ( 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 35mm) diameter and the spacing (4"… all the way up to 20 inch) and bar size ( 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 35mm)diameter and the spacing (4"… all the way up to 20 inch ) horizontally well having the vert and horz just touching are only 1mm apart.


4" - 20" could be pretty big for a selection list depending upon what increments this range steps up by… So it’s probably best to just have a text box for this and you can type in whatever value you want.

The bar size could be a list option as that wouldn’t be too tedious to select from.

Spacing between the vertical and horizontal bars can also be adjustable. That was another thing I wasn’t sure about.

I’ll put this together for you, but it will take a little bit of time, and someone else might beat to it anyhow.

But give me a couple of days here and I’ll have something for you.


Oh really that’s awsome Jim thanks a lot this is going to speed up my work big time