Dynamic Component diameter option

Hi, I’m trying to create a dynamic component of curved object.
CurveWall.skp (86.2 KB)

Attached dynamic component is ‘curved wall’, which you can set the diameter and height in component option.
I used ‘LenX’ and ‘LenY’ to change the outer diameter of the object.
But when I change the size of the object, thickness also changes proportionally while I want to set or fix the thickness in option as well.

Any help is welcome.

The best option might be to create two pie’s and subtract the inner from the outer:


WF_CurvedWall.skp (144,3 KB)

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How about placing TWO “Cut-&-Glue” sub-components onto the Solid Disk. You’ll need two of them because SKP cuts along only ONE Face. You’ll have to place the C&G’s on each of the opposing disk’s faces.

That’s how I spec wall thicknesses on arches or tubes in DC’s.

Good Luck


Hi Mike… whats the nudge settings option
that appears in your menu :slight_smile:

‘Nudge’ and ‘Edit in Place’ are extra tools/features from SU Podium.

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this is possible, but one first sets the cuts inside the surfaces not at the edge, then hide the boundary lines / surfaces after moving them to the edge, then one adds the ends to the wall.

double cut on a 90 deg pie.skp (28.6 KB)

however, a more useable DC is to copy, rotate and move a block / panel a number of times to create a wall of varying arcs and curves (depending on choice of formula, line. sin curve, circle, arc, polynomial… where “copy” is the variant (like x is in y=2x.x + 5x -3 or y=sin(x) )

Correct PCMOOR! Forgot to mention that option is also available.

The consequence is that the file size balloons to a very high value.


FOLDS: Or Hidden VS Smooth and Soften Edges

This is another challenge with Individual Blocks are the Hidden Lines happening at the connection planes. Difficult if not impossible to make them SMOOTH.

Regards to All

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Hi Nino

When a complex object is created by using various “solid” subs, the end product needs to be simplified, otherwise as you say file bloat and finishes become an issue. So for any given DC, one can figure a manual method of simplification, this can be deleting hidden, exploding, union, or even followme or other actions. Then one can add a pattern to a specific attribute for a script to follow.
Use of ruby scripts is the only way to extend the DCs, as it seems further development is not happing.