Help! with Dynamic Components (Spacing, Copies, Position)

Hi, I’m very new to Dynamic Components within SketchUp and in need of some help to finish of a component I have created.

The component is a large metal stand, with fabric either side which lights up inside to create a backlit display. The frame can be various widths and heights hence the need for a dynamic component option.

I have managed to set this up so the height and widths can be adjusted according to a selection on the drop down menu.

The issue i am having is the feet at the bottom of the frame which allow the whole stand up.

What is the best way of setting up the feet so that:

Each foot is 230mm away from each side at all times. when the frame is 1000mm or below it just has 2 feet. Once the frame is increased passed this, a foot is added at every 1000mm. The feet need to stay at equal spacing and 230mm away from each side.

I have attached screenshots of what i have so far.

Thank you!

Be easier to help if you posted the model. This tutorial on fences will help, the part about the pickets is what you want to do, by adjusting the end spacing.


Refer to last copy as copy = copies

so if copy = copies its position would be the full length - the end spacing - its thickness, else it would be first end spacing and any other copy times the mid spacing

using “ceiling” returns the as next highest integer, however test is needed to check if that value is not already an integer

divide base for feet.skp (15.8 KB)


Hi, Thank you for that and supplying the test model, That’s really helpful! :grinning:

I have had a look at it and tried to implement it into my model but I’m getting stuck as to how to fit it in properly without damaging what I’ve already done.

I have added the model I have done so far. (Go easy please this is my first proper go at it!) :sweat_smile:

I don’t think I need the ‘end’ box as shown in yours, it just needs to be a definite 230mm at both sides.

Is there any chance you could take a look and let me know the best way to do this with what i have so far?

Thank you!

LEDUP Component A.skp (1.8 MB)

Hey. :wave: Part of your problem was related to this Dynamic Components bug:

I fixed the problem and added a separated end foot component. It’s not perfect but I think this should point you in the right direction.

LEDUP Component A.skp (1.8 MB)


Hi, Thank you for this! :grinning:

After testing though it appears to add an extra foot outside of the main frame.

I have however managed to implement @pcmoor model into mine which seems to be working well.

The next thing to make it perfect is how do i make it so that these rules apply:

  • It has the same amount of feet as each metre, so: 3000mm = 3 feet, 4000mm = 4 feet
    currently it has an extra foot for each meter.

  • when at 2m or below it stays at 2 feet.

I have added the latest model here:
LEDUP Component A.skp (1.8 MB)

Thank you everything so far! Nearly there!

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A miss communication, assumption that the feet cannot be more than 1m apart, which is currently true whereas you wish to add a foot for every added 1m to length

So num =LenX/x_center-if(LenX>100,1,0)

and no need for integer check

purged and (via extension) material resized

LEDUP Component A (1).skp (121.4 KB)


Thank you! This is so very nearly perfect! :grinning:

I know so far I have only been talking about the width being to a whole metre 1000, or 2000, etc.

In future I do want to be able to have it so we can have sizes in between, so 1500, 2850 etc. currently, the model doesn’t show the last foot when using these in-between sizes.

Is there a quick fix for that? I did try playing with the ‘Copies’ to try and this in but only broke the model. :face_with_spiral_eyes: