Scaling a object

I am trying to scale a window to size as I have already left the space for it and just want to fit the window in it.But when i try to use the scale tool on my window it shows me a message saying select a grid and move it to scale but i cant scale it. whats should i do here?

Looks like a Dynamic Component that has scaling disabled.
Did you download it from the warehouse?

Yes I have downloaded it from the warehouse

I expect Box is on it. It’s most likely a dynamic component and it’s had scaling handles removed so it can only be re-sized through the Dynamic Components Options panel. If you are using SketchUp Free (Web) as your profile indicates, you could explode the component down to raw geometry and make a new component from it which you should then be able to scale.

What if I download another object from the 3d warehouse,will it do the same thing?

Depends on the object. There are hundreds of thousands to choose from.

Look at the object in the 3D Warehouse. If it has the green Dynamic Component symbol, it may have the same sort of issue as the one you have. But that depends on how the author made it. That on its own doesn’t mean that it can’t be scaled. Just that it has some dynamic properties.

Just take the easy route and explode the component and remake it. It’s your hobby, though. You can try other components or not.

I’ve chosen to stay clear of dynamic components because I usually want to edit them and they twist me up in knots! I, too, am putting in windows and after fighting with scaling and editing dynamic components I’ve opted to work with simpler non-dynamic components or even start from scratch. At some point I may embrace their dynamic power, but they’ve been mostly a PITA for me on this project. BTW, it sure would be helpful if the 3D Warehouse would allow you filter OUT dynamic components. The toggle provided only lets you filter them IN, which seems like lazy programming to me.