Dynamic components scaling broken in my pc

Hi. I need help! Every time i try to scale (even when i try to scale only a bit ) any Dynamic component, made by me or downloaded from warehouse it gets deformed and broken down hard. When i use same component in Sketchup online or other pc i dont have this problem. I tried reinstalling skethup and changing to last version and still same problem. What could be the problem with my pc??? I attach an example.

Thanks a lot.

Can you attach the Dynamic Component SU file, or a link to it?

DCs use scaling to adapt their internal sub components to the chosen DC Options. They don’t usually react well when you try to scale all or part externally.

DCs on the web cannot access their parameters - that needs Ruby. So they are behaving like ordinary components, and all or parts will scale like any other component.

I suspect your PC is behaving like anyone else’s. On ‘another PC’ that you used is the Dynamic Components extension disabled in the SU Extension Manager? Or seriously out of date?

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Probably this is not the reason, but check that you have the “Display units format” box checked in the Model Info>Units dialog. Unchecking it makes the scaling go awry if the component is designed using Centimeters as the base unit.

Was the component scaled in the Web version before you brought it into the desktop version?

I have it checked. Thanks anyway !! !

ven 2.skp (403.6 KB)
I upload the example here. But i want to clarify im having some trouble with every DC.
And i need the scaling option, cause i created the component to easily scale it and design faster, by looking different windows options making the DC to change and adapt with same carpentry dimensions but changing only it glass size.
I dont know if im clear, but in the sketchup online and in the other pc i can scale this DC without problem and work like a DC changing only glass dimension and leaving carpentry stable. With my PC happens what i attached in the past photo.

Thanks a lot for your answer and time !!

Thanks for the answer.

for the above snips, can you post views of the attribute and option dialogs? then can see context