Component crash when I try to scale


I just started out in sketch up. Now I picked a stair from the library, called scalable stair. But when I put it into my project and try to scale the stairs just jump appart from each other and the plateau aswell instead of scaling they just scaling. I need to scalled it alle down 10 percent or less, but it just don’t scales. I tried to pick another stair but there seem to be a similar problem here. Anyone can help me?


Could you share the SKP file or at least the link to the scalable stair you are using. I found on in the 3D Warehouse which is a Dynamic Component which, when the Scale tool is selected has handles for vertical scaling. The component automatically scales along the length of the stairs. It behaves fine for me.

If it is a Dynamic Component that you are using, how did you get it and how did you add it to your model?


It is called Scalable Stair - DC


But you didn’t answer my questions. How did you download it and get it into SketchUp?


I just hit the download botton. Then it asked if I wanted it in my document or seperate. I tried both. None of it works.
Will you eventually have a couple of minutes to show med what to do in a Skype session?


I take that to mean you searched it out using your internet browser and downloaded it from there? Did you try inserting it directly via the Components window or the Warehouse toolbar?

I could do that after I get home from work but that will be some hours.


I found it in the Get models feature directly in Sketch up. Then it askes if you will have it directly in your project witch I did


I would be very happy to have some help, so if you will be there in a couple of hours that would be great.


this one?



Hi John. Thanks for asking. I had Dave helping me out. My problem was that my model was very much downscaled at that seemed to crash the elements in the dynamic component. Thank you again Dave for helping me out here.


Happy to help, Eva. I think it would have taken a very long time to sort it out without seeing your model and the size it was drawn to. Much faster the way we did it.

Have a great weekend.